April 7, 2011

It pays to be prepared

My camera bags are always packed and ready to go to cover an assignment.  I believe one of the keys to success is preparation.  When it comes to keeping my camera gears in order I am very anal.  My clothes and shoes and dirty dishes could be scattered all over the place.  But my cameras, lenses, batteries, strobes, and other accessories are wiped, dusted, charged, and put away every time I come home so it’s ready for the next time I go out. 
The other day, I got a phone call from SacTown Magazine Editor asking me if I was available to cover the Sacramento King’s Rally at Caesar Chavez Park in Downtown Sacramento.  I jumped at the opportunity and wrote down all the shot requests and info on my little notebook.  She told me the rally starts at 5pm and I glanced at my watch and I had less than 40 minutes to get to downtown (15 miles away) during rush hour traffic.  I told her, “No worries, I will be there to cover it.”
I grabbed my Lowepro bag and took out a camera body, 2 lenses, a couple of CF cards, and my press pass.  I inserted the battery and turned on the camera to check the juice and it showed a full bar.  I jumped in my car and drove to downtown.  I used my iPhone to check on the flow of traffic on the freeway and the best exit to take with the least hold-up.  I knew in advance that I had to park on the street but I had a stash of quarters in my ashtray for parking meters for this kind of occasion.
In the end I got to where I need to be prepared to shoot an assignment with 5 minutes to spare.
Here are some pics from the King’s Rally.  

Carmichael Dan started the Campaign Here We Build Campaign to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

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