March 26, 2011

Marketing & Visibility . . . continued

I received my promo cards last week and I've been spending the last three days putting them together. To add a personal touch, I included a thank you card with short handwritten note along with my business card taped on one side with scrapbook double sided tape (this works better because it's easier to remove without ruining the card).

Both promo cards and thank you note goes inside a clear envelope (9.25x6.25) that I purchased from Clearbags.  I went to the post office to get the proper postage and they informed me it would cost .61 cents to mail it cross country and $1.82 to Europe.

As for mailing labels, I used Avery 8160. white Easy Peel (1" x 2 5/8") with an existing template in Microsoft Word. It's easy to use and I was able to incorporate my logo on the return address.

I already have an existing list of editors whom I met at Eddie Adams and Missouri Photo Workshop but this is an opportunity to branch out with other editors and publications. My good friend Emily Berl and I worked together to compile a list of editors and publications using LinkedIn and visiting its official websites to gather their names and physical addresses.  In the end I am sending around 70 promo cards.

So let's add up the cost:
Promo Card Design: Free (trade with LoricoMedia)
Promo Cards (2x100): $150
Clear Envelopes (100): $40
Stamps: $43
Mailing Labels: $14
Thank You cards: $14
Business Cards: (Free -  used existing ones)

Total: $261

Okay, what do I expect after all the efforts of putting this together? Landing an assignment?  Let's hope.  At the very least, I want to encourage traffic to my website, establish my visibility in the market, and distinct myself from other photographers looking for work.  This is an ongoing process but I am sure that it will have positive results in the future. After mailing these promo cards I will send a follow up email and phone calls.



Thank You Card w/ Business Card

Thank You Card

Promo Cards Stuffed in Clear Envelopes

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