November 19, 2011

The Pursuit of Truth

We are surrounded with "Truths." Mine is different than yours, but no better, both a distorted version of reality.  Or is it a sliver of gray line between dark and light? A moment of epiphany in a midst of chaos and confusion? A point where the mind, the heart, and the spirit meets?  But is it Truth even if others tell you it's false? Truth is powerful, fleeting, fragile, misleading and easily corrupted, and a useful pawn in the battle of good and evil. Our only chance is pursue it relentlessly to see a glimpse of Truth.  And the picture might get a little clearer through a simple action of taking a small step back.

These photographs were taken in Bangkok during some of the worst flooding in over 6 decades.  The city is now a booming metropolis.  I got on the skytrain to explore the city. Through the window plastered with advertisement, I examine the city as the train snake through different parts of the city.  Most of central Bangkok was dry while most of its northern part was up to 3-4 meters under water.   

Special Thanks to Patrick Brown for his guidance during this exercise.

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