March 20, 2011

Old Soul Inc.

Recently I was commissioned to photograph Old Soul locations for their new website.  My friends Lorico Media of Sacramento referred me to this assignment and I was very happy to be a part of this project.  Old Soul has 3 locations in Sacramento.  Their location on 17th and L is one of the oldest original coffee shops in Sacramento and they provide baked goods and coffee to many restaurants and businesses in the area.  Old Soul is also active within the community and when Starbucks left, they took over the location in Oak Park next to 40 Acres Gallery and their live music of Friday nights couldn't be missed.  I am a regular at their location in midtown on 21st and H, and it's crowded all the time because it's a popular spot for the midtown folks.  After thousands of signed petition they are opening a new location at Sacramento International Airport and this is a victory for local business since major chain like Starbucks and Peet's tried to take this spot.

My focus on this project is to convey the name "Old Soul" by portraying wisdom, character, authenticity, timeless, and community.

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